Xingheng products are very good to sell, customers are very recognized for Xingheng products.

Origin:上海 Author:上海经销商 Time:2015-08-21 04:21:14

Zhejiang Xingheng Electronics Co.,Ltd usd to be called Yongkang Xingheng Plastics Co.Ltd . The company started out with small operational projects wich focused on Scales spare parts . For over 25 years now ,due to the good reputation of producing quality products and good service , we have been one of the leading suppliers for electronic scales . We owned a 20,000sqm workshop , and produce all the main sapre parts of each items , such as plastic cover , platter .etc . The company specializing in research and development, design and manufacturing, sales and provides a variety of weighing scales. The company also involving households and home accessories.

With its powerful product development and design capacity, Zhejiang Xingheng was invited and become a partner of CCTV Influence Power Conversation.